Hillcrest Place

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$1,145 CAD

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  • 2 Beds
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,145 CAD / month
  • Available Now
  • Apartment
  • Long Term Rental
  • Deposit: 0 CAD

Description & Amenities

Clean, updated, accessible modern suites in a well kept community oriented building. 

Buildings contains coin laundry system. 

Centrally located with nearby shopping, close to schools, and lakes. 

Elliot Lake is a clean, modern city that combines the hospitality of a small town with the services of a major urban centre. 

Elliot Lake has become one of the most popular retirement communities in the province due to its modern infrastructure, affordable housing, the pristine natural environment that surrounds the community and the quality of life that people experience while living in the community.

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18A - 26D Hirshhorn Avenue , Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada,

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18A - 26D Hirshhorn Avenue , Elliot Lake, ON, Canada

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