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The best homes and apartments for rent in Canada
Spanning ten provinces and three territories and stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, Canada is one of the world's largest countries (as measured by landmass) and certainly among the most diverse. From predominantly French speaking Quebec to the mountainous regions of Alberta and BC to the unique landscapes of the Maritimes to the east, Canada is home to millions of permanent residents and attracts millions of tourists each and every year.

Celebrated as peacekeepers the world over, Canadians are known for the kindness, generosity, politeness and exceptional hockey talent! Home to NHL superstars like Sidney Crosby, Jonathon Towes, Duncan Keith, Caroline Ouellette and Hayley Wickenheiser Canada's men's and women's national hockey teams have captured gold medals at countless national championships and Olympic Winter Games for decades.

Those considering a move to Canada are encouraged to do their research and learn as much about their chosen city as they can. Before selecting an apartment for rent, prospects are well-advised to first set a monthly rental budget as rents vary greatly between markets. For instance, the cost of a two-bedroom apartment with water views in Halifax, Nova Scotia will barely cover the cost of renting a spare room in either Vancouver or Toronto. Rental rates in oil rich Alberta are also known to fluctuate with the price of oil which also drives the supply and demand of properties in Alberta's largest two markets - Calgary and Edmonton.
The cost of living in Canada is generally considered to be in line with earning potential in each respective region. While apartments in Vancouver and known to be expensive, company's pay top-dollar for talent which has a "leveling effect" on the high cost of rent. Conversely, earnings in the Maritime provinces in the east coast of Canada are known to be considerably less than elsewhere in Canada, but the cost of living is substantially less expensive in Halifax than it is in Toronto. Prospective tenants are still encouraged to budget wisely and to live within their means. Set a good amount of money aside for emergency funds as well as to cover entertainment expenses and travel as there is plenty to see, do and experience from cost to coast.
Before starting your apartment search in Canada, be sure to consider the following rental tips and advice to make sure you get started by first heading in the right direction.
Set Your Budget

For many Canadians, rent is their single largest expense. Understanding how much you can afford and living within your means will have you living a healthy and productive life. Use your budget as an apartment guide and focus your efforts on finding an apartment that first fits your finances. Once you have short-listed the results based on cost, look at features and amenities in addition to location and possession date as key differentiators when you ultimately make your decision and submit an offer to lease.

Do Your Research

The Internet is a great apartment finder resource. Take full advantage of the many features on Apartment guide websites like to filter for properties that fit your wish list you're your budget. With many good-quality apartments for rent across the country, view as many listings as you can to that you feel confident when you ultimately decide to submit an offer to lease.

Canada Apartments Rent Fast

When you find an apartment that fits your wish list of needed features and amenities, is within your budget and is located in a desirable neighborhood within close proximity to your school, office or friends submit an application. Do not hesitate when dealing with landlords and property managers. Let them know you are interested and that you want to rent the apartment. Have your paperwork ready and show that you are a knowledgeable and professional person and that you will make for a good tenant. While there are many good quality apartments for rent in Canada, the most desirable apartments and condos often rent first.

Document Everything

Renting an apartment is a business transaction and like any good business transaction it deserves your full and complete attention. If you are unsure about any of the terms in the lease have the landlord clarify them for you, or bring the lease to your lawyer and have them review the terms and conditions on your behalf. As a general rule, make sure to get all agreements and understandings between you and the landowner in writing. A well-defined and complete lease agreement will lead to a strong and positive renting experience for both you and your landlord.

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