Living in Houston - Frequently Asked Questions

The rent to own process in Texas is a wonderful way for people with low capital or savings to find options for home purchases. Allows renters to apply their rent payment towards the purchase of their home.

Whether you are looking for a rent to own home in Houston or for rent to own options as homeowners anywhere else in Texas here are the tips to keep in mind.

  • 1. Renter agrees to lease the house for a set time, usually 1-3 years.
  • 2. The renter pays an up-front fee (called an option fee). This is typically 1-5 percent of the homes purchase price. This fee is usually no refundable, but part or all of it is applied to the down payment.
  • 3. The renter may also pay a higher monthly rent, but a portion of rent goes into the fund for down payment as well.
  • 4. The contract locks in and confirms the purchase price of the home.
  • 5. The renter can purchase the home on or before the lease’s expiration date.

Knowing your options means you have the control to purchase or rent the best property that fits your needs and lifestyle! Happy hunting!

As a renter you have the right to a quiet and peaceful living, and under no circumstances can your landlord disturb you from living a calm life. The landlord cannot evict you whenever he wishes to; it is only possible if he has a definite cause.

A rent agreement in Houston, TX has to be signed by both the renter and the landlord in order to rent a unit legally.

Make sure you read all terms and conditions of the lease properly before signing any of it. One should be careful with online house rent agreements, make sure you know for certain the landlord is the owner of the property and to read all the fine print.

Basic security devices like dead bolts and locks must definitely be installed by the landlord at his own expense. So have no worries, you have all rights to a healthy and safe home. Just read through your lease carefully before singing, you are going to find the best house and the best landlord in Texas!

The rental average size in Houston for an apartment is around 881 square feet. This number may vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

The size will vary according to the unit type and the amount of money that you are willing to pay. There are several cheap and luxurious alternatives than the normal standard size of the apartment.

Studio apartments are the smallest. The average size of studio apartment is 400 sq.ft. The cost of studio apartments therefore are the lowest when compared to other unit types.

The one bedroom apartments are slightly bigger than the studio apartments and have an average size of 714 sq. ft. The cost will therefore be greater than the cost of a studio apartment.

The two bedroom apartments are larger and have an average size of 907 sq. ft. This leads to an even larger cost than the one bedroom apartments.

Finally the 3 bedroom apartments have an average size of 1109.

Get yourself the size that suits you best, based on your lifestyle and financial ability! Happy house hunting!

Starting from the smallest unit with a garage, a studio apartment for is ideal for one accommodating one person, and the average rent of the apartment would be around $735.

The average rent in Houston ranges from around $692 to $1176. These rents are for apartments which include 1 bedroom with a garage and a bath. The average rent can vary according to the neighbourhood you choose to live in and the amenities that you could get for yourself at the place.

The rent for a 3 bedroom apartment including 2 baths with 1109 square feet and its rent starting from $942 to $1993.

The best rent and the best apartment requires a lot of house hunting indeed.

So pack your bags and get ready to find a wonderful home with a garage in Houston!

Apartment locators are business that held potential renters find properties to rent out. They don’t charge a fee typically, because most apartment houses pay apartment locators a commission based on the monthly rent of the particular apartment.

Yes, apartment locators are totally worth the money and time. The best part is that most apartment locator in Houston TX does not charge any fee for their services. Whenever you move to a new city or town, finding the perfect apartment for your family can be a really daunting task if you have no apartment locators to help you.

Professional apartment locators know all about the neighbourhoods. They will definitely know what the safest option for your family is in terms of area and community. They also know the apartment which has its proximity to the best schools of the town, the best shopping centres and parks and whatever else you might be asking for. You must definitely provide him with all details of amenities, parking and size you are wanting so he can do the best job for you. You might also mention some special needs for the apartment.

With an apartment locator, you will be sure to find the best apartment that fits your needs!

While looking for an apartment in Houston, you should first consider your daily habits and lifestyle. Some families with a child might want to find a house that is close to the school, while folks without kids would prefer an apartment that is closer to shopping areas and dining restaurants. Some people might prefer an apartment closer to workplace, so it depends all on your preferences.

You must also have a unique neighbourhood that is quite safe and have no burglary or violence issues whatsoever. You should definitely research about these factors before you rent an apartment. Moreover, keep your budget in mind while looking for an apartment. The more budget you have, the better house for you.

You can also use online sites and apps to find an apartment that suits your choices. Online site like apartment finders in Houston definitely helps people in finding the perfect house within their needs and budget. Take help with apartment finders in Houston TX and you are going to be really contended with the choices of the apartment!

An average rent for studio apartment of 440 sq. ft. is around $695 in Houston. A studio for rent in Houston is perfect for accommodating one single person. Most studio apartments usually have an attached kitchen and a separate bathroom.

Studio apartments are therefore space efficient and consume less electricity, which means fewer bills by the end of the month. They are quite affordable for most single dwellers. A studio apartment also requires fairly low maintenance. Also most studio apartments are available in central location within the city, which means all basic shops, supermarkets, restaurants and parks are under a walkable distance. This means you can have good connection with the outside world and less driving time, because Houston traffics can get really tiring at ties.

Make sure the apt. is not too crammed for you and that you can use your space effectively! Most studio apartments provide all basic amenities, but do check them before you decide to rent one. Also, an apartment with natural light can be a very good option for you. Go find the best studio apartment for yourself so you could have the “feeling of home.”

Houston apartments for rent are able to remain at affordable rates despite increased demand due to Corona Virus pandemic.

Beginning from the littlest unit, a studio apartment is ideal for one individual to fulfill his basic needs, and the normal lease of the loft would be around $735.

The normal lease for apartments in Houston goes from around $692 to $1176. These rents are for rooms which incorporate 1 bedroom and all necessary amenities. The normal lease can fluctuate as per the local you decide to live in and the conveniences that you could get for yourself at the spot.

The normal house lease in Houston for 2 rooms, which additionally incorporates 2 showers can go anyplace from around $882 to $ 1454.

The cheapest rent in Houston Texas is for a studio / bachelor apartments, and is around $615. Even the cheapest apartments can be quite good for single dwellers if they are clean, allow enough natural light to enter and have the basic security facilities.

Cheap 1 bedroom apartments in Houston are available at a price of $692. In a 1 bedroom apartment, there is a clear division between bedroom, kitchen and living room. You might also get a dining space. They are easier to clean and manage than the luxury apartments because the space is comparatively smaller. Even if the apartment is cheap, you can decorate and redecorate it according to your wish. Just make sure you do not jumble things up in a small space because that may end up looking untidy.

Cheap luxury apartments in Houston with exclusive amenities come with a rent of $875. They often have walk-in closets, breakfast bar, washer & dryer, oversized kitchen, individual hot water heaters, private balcony, refrigerator, high-speed internet access, and several other community amenities.

Cheap apartments can sometimes have the best of everything you want, so choose wisely!

The average rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Houston apartments can range from anywhere between $692 to $1176.

1 bedroom apartments are ideal for newly married couples or single individuals and bachelors. These rooms are easy to manage and also have just the right amount of space. 1 bedroom apartments are provided with several unit and community amenities.

Some of the very basic amenities that you should look for in a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Houston is basic security like proper bolts and nuts. You must also check for things like dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer, and closet space. If you have a pet, make sure that the apartment you rent is pet friendly.

There should also be a 24 hour emergency maintenance for any infrastructure problems whatsoever.

Get the perfect 1 bedroom apartment for your partner in the amazing city of Houston!

Houston has had a rough past and has a higher than average drug and crime rate than other cities of similar size in the US. Having said that, using common sense and avoiding bad areas or going out late at night alone you will stay safe in Houston!

It is best for you to know which areas are the worst so you can stay out of the danger zone. Some of the Houston bad areas include:

MacGregor Neighbourhood- This is considered one of the most dangerous areas in the city of Houston. Rampent thefts have been reported in this area and it has a college that has a very high violent crime rate.

Several violent crimes have taken place in the neighbourhood in the past and they continue to happen. It is believed that every 1 in 11 residents of this area is likely a crime victim.

Greenspoint - The Greenspoint Neighbourhood is known for its rough living and crime.

If you avoid the bad parts of town and use common sense you will have a pleasant and safe time in Houston!

Houston is often viewed as dangerous and although it does have spikes in crime from time to time, if you know where to go and what to do it’s comparable to other American cities. The Houston crime rate is a little higher than other cities of comparable size but if you avoid back alleys and back streets you will have an enjoyable and safe life in Houston. Below we have listed some of the safest parts of town.

Fulshear- It has been ranked 2nd among the safest cities in Texas.

West University Place- It has been ranked 12th among the safest cities in Texas.

Memorial Villages- It has been ranked 13th among the safest cities in Texas.

These are just some examples of safe areas- the read message is if you practice good common sense and safety measures you will be fine in most areas in Houston! After all safety always comes first. Stay safe, stay happy!

Harris County is quite a safe area in the city of Houston. The crime rate is really low and no major violent cases have been seen in the past couple of years. The safest neighbourhoods in Harris County in Houston are:

Spring Valley Village - Security is the main striking feature in this neighbourhood. No crime usually takes place in the neighbourhood.

Kingwood Area - The police are circling around the area many times so you could be pretty sure that the crime rate here is really less.

Seabrook - This area is also very safe in Harris County. Other than the safety, the temperature and climate are also pleasant and all basic stores are available nearby the apartments.

Southside Place - The overall niche grade and safety of this neighbourhood is safe and fine.

West University Place- Anyone who lives in West University Place claims that the neighbourhood is quite amazing and also a safe and sound place.

Thus Harris County is a safe place worth living in, and enjoying your time!

The best apt. is Houston really depend on your needs and desires. We have decided in this FAQ to focus a bit more pampering and luxury to show off the shining side of Houston!

Houston is a city which has several luxurious apartments, and it is hard to just name a few. Still looking at the good reviews and high ratings, these are some of the best apartments in Houston:

Camden Plaza, 3833 Cummins Street- It is named and recognised as one the best apartments in Houston in 2021. It offers luxury living right in heart of Houston. Being located at the centre of the city, it has a walkable distance to most important workplaces, shops, dining places, etc. They have got the entertainment right at their fingertips with their smart plans.

Residences of Gramercy Apartments, 2601 Gramercy Street- This apartment is one of its kinds as it is fully equipped with all lavish amenities like high ceilings, oversized pools, and fully furnished rooms and kitchen.

It is also conveniently located quite close to shopping venues, entertainment and recreation spots as well as several universities.

Going for luxury and a lavish lifestyle? Choose the best apartment options in Houston!

Who wouldn’t want to know more about where the super rich and wealthy stay! And the answer is: 7-Seventy - This is one of the most expensive apartments in Houston. This apartment is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a contemporary and exceptional living in the most desirable areas of Houston. All the beautifully designed bedrooms have well furnished furniture and several lavish amenities. They have got all help to ensure a trouble free living for you. The greenery of the surroundings brings peace to your soul. The rent for this apartment is $1262-$7883, and it is going to be worth your money when you consider the amenities, location, and thrilling and modern décor of the place.

One of the best and expensive luxury apartments in downtown Houston is The Circle At Hermann Park. It provides answers to every need of yours. While your stay here, you shall enjoy extraordinary amenities like brushed chrome hardware, spacious kitchen with abundant cabinets, breakfast bar, bookshelves, clubhouse, night patrol and several other facilities. You will surely love every second that you spend here and the rent of the apartment is $1465-$7865.

Sometimes it really does make sense to pamper oneself, so where you are looking to rent a humble first apt., daydream about an expensive pad, or rent a luxury apt. we are here to help!

Rent increase in Houston depends on several factors like the average rent of the apartment and its location. For example, if the apartment is located close to the financial district or the centre of the city, the increase in rent per year might be greater compared to other apartments that are faraway.

Apartments that have an average rent of $501 to $700 have a 9% increase in their rates per year according to statistical reports as seen in 2017.

House rental prices for apartments that lie in the range of $701 to $1000 have a 38% increase in their rates. This is the highest because this is the average range in which most people look for houses in Houston.

Apartments that have an average rent of $1001 to $1500 have a 35% increase in their rates per year as seen in 2017.

Apartments that have an average rent of $1501 to $2000 have a 12% increase in their rates per year.

Apartments that have an average rent of more than $2000 have a 6% increase in their rates per year in 2017, as these luxury apartments have quite high price already.

Get to know about the rate increase in your neighbourhood beforehand, so you can make a wiser decision about your future home!

Houston and Texas in general, has cheaper rent than New York or Seattle. The average apartment rent in Texas was only $1082 as of November 2018. In New York on the other hand, the average monthly cost to rent an apartment was over $3000 a month, whereas in Seattle it was more than $2000 a month.

The average cost for a one bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom is around $967. If you want to live in a more spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, you can expect an average monthly rent of $1205. The 3 bedroom apartment with 2 or 3 bathrooms costs an average rent of $1445.

On the other hand, expensive rent in Houston is also common, especially for luxurious apartments that could go as far as $2000. These hotel like homes provide all expensive amenities like pool and bars along with well furnished furniture so you can have a grand stay at the place.

Houston therefore is one of the best places to settle, with all types of available budgets for apartments.

There are lots of apartments in Houston that are actually pet friendly. If you hire an apartment locator, make sure that you mention to him that you are looking for pet friendly apartments. Whenever you go to look for an apartment, ask beforehand whether pets are allowed in the neighbourhood or not.

For example, Crimson Apartments - This apartment is one of the apartments with dog parks and is therefore quite pet-friendly. It is located in 2220 Westcreek Lane, Houston, TX. You can take your dog out on a morning or evening stroll in the dog park.

Camden Park- Camden Park is another pet friendly apartment located in 2700 Woodland Park Dr, Houston. It allows all types of pets into the apartment and is therefore quite pet-friendly.

Parkway and Parkgreen at Bellaire- Parkway and Parkgreen at Bellaire, located in 8100 Bellaire, Houston is a pet-friendly house that allows its renters to keep their pets as they wish into the apartment.

Pets are part of the family and part of your home, so we wish you the best of luck in finding the best fit and best home for you both!

The university of Houston is the biggest campus and has lots of apartments nearby. Here we will examine some of the most popular off-campus options!

Touring the place around the University of Houston, and you will get several amazing apartments for a student. The several off-campus housing in Houston are:

Vendana at Midtown- Vendana at Midtown is one of the best furnished apartments near the university of Houston. The location of this apartment is 4001 Fannin St, Houston. It is located close to the university, a moderate walking distance or short bike ride. It has all types of bedrooms from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. All basic amenities and several lavish facilities are also available.

Country Club Place Apartments - This apartment is located in 950 Villa De Matel Rd, Houston. It has been rated 3 stars by various renters and the walking / biking distance to the University of Houston a little less than Vendad but basically comparable. It also has all 3 bedroom options and the average rent for the apartment ranges within $719-$1349.

So stay focused on study, with the best apartment to live in near your university!

Tour apartments during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tricky for both the parties. But there are a few things you must keep in mind in order to protect yourself from getting infected with Covid. Wash or sanitize your hands often. Especially before and after each apt. visit. You should positively wash your hands after you cough or sneeze. These are the basic Covid 101 guidelines and they apply well to home hunting and viewing apartments during covid.

Moreover, avoid touching your face after touching unsanitary surfaces. Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth at all costs while in public or at a viewing. These can be the entry points of the corona virus germs in your body.

Maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from any other person who maybe showing the apartment to you. Distancing yourself from others is one of the key techniques to lessen the spread of the virus.

Wear a face mask, and wear it properly, right over your nose and mouth.

With these simple guidelines under your belt we are confident you will find what you are looking for, so we wish you a happy and safe home hunting!

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